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“The community at SCCS is strong and supportive,” shared Sasha Ridenour, 2017 SCCS graduate. “Teachers and administrators love and care for each student. I enjoy knowing each person in my class and being given the opportunity to build relationships with students and adults within the SCCS community.”

At SCCS we do community well. Students who have attended SCCS from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, “SCCS Lifers” have stated that they love the unified culture and the feeling of being part of big family every single day. Students time and again have expressed the difference the teachers at SCCS have made in their lives.

Every year SCCS students are accepted to the nation’s top universities. At SCCS, students have received the spiritual foundation they need to thrive and are well prepared to handle the rigors of higher education as well as life.

  • Ninety-five percent of the 2018 graduates received academic and/or athletic honors
  • Small, intimate class size taught by caring, Christian teachers and Coaches
  • Extensive, UC Approved Course offerings, including honors, AP and Dual Credit/Enrollment Classes
  • Dual Credit/Enrollment: Students have the opportunity to finish up to a year and a half of college courses before graduation
  • Educational field trips in each grade level which include: Science Camp, a tour of the California state capitol, Washington DC and a British Literary Tour in England, to name a few.
  • Personal attention and college planning
  • Graduation requirements that exceed any other school in the Santa Clarita Valley with four years of English, four years of social studies, three years of lab science, three years of math, four years of Bible, two years of a foreign language and a year of fine arts.

For information regarding SCCS Graduation Requirements, UC and CSU Admission Information, University of California a-g List, and SCCS Course Offerings and Descriptions

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