Welcome to SCCS’s Virtual Admission Hub

Even though the best introductions happen face-to-face, on campus, for the spring of 2020 we find ourselves in a virtual-visits-only environment. You are welcome to browse our virtual opportunities below, reach out to us, and stay connected with our online resources.

Watch a Virtual Tour (On-Demand Recording)

If you have an hour– we have a tour! Considering the most commonly asked questions as well as favorite places on campus, this virtual admissions event provides a great first impression of our special community and what makes us so unique!

SCCS Virtual Open House

Schedule a Zoom Video Conversation

Scheduling a Zoom video conversation with a member of our admissions team ensures we can easily connect and help direct you in child/ren’s educational needs. Additionally, a video conversation allows for limited campus highlights.

Schedule a Phone Call

Scheduling a one-on-one call with a member of our admissions team ensures we can easily connect on the specifics of your child/dren’s educational needs.

Connect with a Current SCCS Parent

While visits are limited, first-hand accounts of the SCCS experience becomes even more valuable. SCCS parents are eagerly willing to offer support to our school and share their experience with you. Schedule a call today!

Email the Admissions Office

You are always welcome to email the admissions team. Even while working remotely, the team is in daily contact with each other and with other faculty and staff throughout the week. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and help to guide you through the admission process.