SCCS Academy (Independent Study Program)

A Christian private school satellite program available for grades K-12.

The Santa Clarita Christian School Academy is a Christian private school satellite program designed for those families who desire an alternative educational opportunity for their children.

The SCCS Academy provides an environment for learning to take place with your child outside of, or in addition to, the regular classroom. We offer your family record keeping, one-on-one support, standardized testing, on-campus enrichment classes, weekly chapel, and activities such as athletics, field trips and choir along with events for moms to connect on campus.

Download the 2021-22 SCCS Academy Tuition Schedule.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child at the SCCS Academy?

  • Reputation for high standards, personal attention, and strong family community
  • Personalized education plans and guidance that help each student be successful
  • State filing and record-keeping
  • Report Cards
  • Participation in CIF athletics, choir, Christmas/Spring concerts, cheer, and other programs offered at SCCS (separate fees may apply)
  • Planned field trips and activities with the child’s grade level peers at SCCS (separate fees may apply)
  • Standardized Testing
  • School photos, ID cards, and yearbook (separate fees may apply)

Enrollment: Apply now!

Each family must complete a registration application and attend a family interview with the School Administrator. All accompanying paperwork and fees must also be submitted. (Transcripts, Statement of Faith, Immunization Record, etc.) Families will also need to register for a FACTS account (online billing) to help with tuition and activities payments.

Each family will be required to meet with SCCS Academy Director, Lynn Kistler at least three times a year.


Feel free to watch any of the videos from our SCCS Academy Webinar Series below to learn more information.

SCCS Academy Webinar Series: How to Customize Your Child’s Education

On Friday, May 1st, Mrs. Kistler interviewed Mrs. Tanya Carter, SCCS Academy parent, who shared how she was able to tailor her son’s education through the SCCS Academy and the College of the Canyons to enable him to graduate with a large number of his college credits completed.


SCCS Academy Webinar Series: The Life of an Independent Study Athlete

On Friday, May 8th, Mrs. Kistler interviewed an SCCS Academy athlete who shared how she navigated sports and an independent study schedule.


SCCS Academy Webinar Series: Interview and Q & A with SCCS Academic Dean, Mrs. Puglisi

On Friday, May 22nd, Mrs. Kistler interviewed SCCS Academic Dean, Mrs. Puglisi, who shared about the exciting new changes happening in secondary at SCCS next year.


SCCS Academy Webinar Series: Independent Study 101 for Elementary Families

On Friday, May 15th, Mrs. Kistler interviewed an SCCS Elementary Academy parent who shared how she navigated the independent study program for her child. Mrs. Preheim, Dean of Elementary also shared about the distinctives of the elementary program.

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