Academic Program

The SCCS Academy covers elementary, grades K-6; and secondary, grades 7-12. The school year consists of two semesters. Independent study courses must meet the criteria of a 17-week curriculum that meets for at least 200 minutes/weekly per semester. Students receive one quarterly grade progress report and a final grade each semester. In the secondary school, students are expected to carry no fewer than five subjects each semester; seniors may carry no fewer than four subjects each semester.

The minimum general education requirements include:

  • English – 40 credits
  • History – 30 credits (including World History, American History, and Government/ Economics)
  • Bible studies – 40 credits
  • Mathematics – 30 credits
  • Science – 30 credits (including Biology and Chemistry and/or Physical Science. A lab is required for these courses.)
  • Physical Education –  20 credits
  • Fine Arts –  10 credits
  • Foreign Language, 20 credits (2 years of the SAME language)

Students have the opportunity to take advanced placement, honors, and/or dual credit courses in areas of English, mathematics, science, and history on campus or online, depending on available course offerings. Two hundred twenty (220) total units are required for graduation. 


All curricula is subject to SCCS Academy Director’s approval and is ordered and purchased by the individual family.

Approved Curricula includes (but is not limited to):

Teaching Minds, Training Hearts for God

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
Matthew 28:19a

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