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Click here to download the December 2019 lunch menu. Click here to download the January 2020 lunch menu, for reference.

Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS) is happy to provide hot lunches for SCCS students.

Hot lunches cost $6.00 per meal and must be pre-ordered. Lunch is ordered from In-N-Out Burger, Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, Route 66 and Baja Fresh, to name a few.

You can now order your lunch online. Click to download instructions.

Hot Lunch Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I order hot lunches?
Hot lunch menus will be sent home with elementary students each month. Menus are available for secondary students in the office and during hot lunch service, daily. The cost is $6.00 per meal. To pre-order lunches – circle the desired lunches and submit to the office with the necessary payment before the new month begins. Payment can be made with either cash or check. We are sorry that we are unable to accept credit card payments. Lunches can be ordered as late as 8:30 am on the day that you would like to purchase them. In that case, the student should bring payment to the office by 8:30am.

What do the lunches consist of?
Lunches include the entree and side item provided by our vendor that day. They also come with fruit or salad and a beverage. Our beverage selections include lowfat milk, lowfat chocolate milk, juice boxes (100% juice), and water.

How do I cancel hot lunches?
If your child is going to be absent on a day that you have ordered hot lunch, you will need to cancel that lunch. To cancel, please call the school office at (661)252-7371 and ask for the lunch room. Please leave a message if staff is unavailable to assist you. We need to know your child’s name and day that you are cancelling. Cancellation requests must be made by 8:30 am on the day that you are cancelling. If your request is received after 8:30 am, it will not be honored as the order will have already been placed with our vendor. Hot lunches must be cancelled in order to receive credit.

How do I use credit on my account?
If you have a credit, it is easy to redeem. You can either order an additional lunch in the same month or carry it over to the next month. If you want to use it the same month, simply call and let us know what day you would like to add. If you carry it over to another month, simply make a note on the bottom of your menu that you are using a credit for one or more of your lunches. It’s as easy as that!

What is the Special Order Menu?
There are additional menu selections available for purchase by jr. high and high school students. These are selections offered by our vendors from their menus at a reduced rate from their customary menu price. However, they are generally slightly higher priced than our regular lunch offering. Students must sign up for these items a day in advance. The sign up sheet is located outside the hot lunch room. If you do not wish for your child to sign up for these offerings, please discuss this with them.

What if my child forgets their lunch?
We always have additional items available for purchase if your child has forgotten or misplaced their lunch. Elementary students are able to purchase Lunchables or Cup o Noodles. Secondary students have access to microwaves and are able to purchase items that can be heated as well, such as frozen pizzas or burritos.

Can my child use the microwave to heat a lunch?
Microwave ovens are available for jr. high and high school students only. Elementary students may not use the microwave ovens at school. Please do not send your elementary student with things to warm. They will not be allowed to do so. Send hot items in a thermos for them. Thank you for your understanding.

Are there other items that my child can purchase if they get hungry?
We have a wide variety of additional items available for purchase. They include pastries, chips, crackers, popcorn, fruit, salad and ice cream. The prices vary from 50 cents to $1.00.

What if I forget to make a copy of my lunch menu before I turn it in?
If you forget to make a note of your child’s purchases, we can help. Usually within 2 days of your submission, all ordered lunches appear on RenWeb. There is a record of ordered lunches in the attendance section. If you would prefer, we would also be happy to make a copy and send it home with your child.

SCCS Food Services Contact: Tanya Dombrowski
[email protected]

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the hot lunch staff at 661.252-7371.

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